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✿ A group of up to four survivors must elude one killer, in an enclosed area at night. The survivor’s perspectives are third-person, while the killer’s perspective is first-person.

✿ Stream Schedule:
Everyday 2pm & 8pm EST Except Wednesday’s (day off)!
Mon-Fri Overwatch 8pm, Weekends- Other Games!

✿ All donations are very much appreciated
Any donation + will be immortalized on the donation board for the month! You can help me buy games, upgrade equipment & help me create a better entertainment experience for you!
.66 exactly tip= Scare donation. WHY NATURE!!?

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Crissy D
160-04 Cross Bay Blvd
Howard Beach, NY 11414

✿ Stream chat rules:
– DO NOT ASK FOR SHOUT OUTS! Just say hello like a normal person.
– Please be respectful to the streamer, mods and others in the chat (DO NOT FIGHT WITH THE MODS OR NIGHTBOT!)
– NO profanity, sexist, racist, homophobic or any type of discriminatory remarks!
– Please chat in English only (so we can all understand each other).
– DO NOT ADVERTISE!!!!! (unless you want to be banned).
– Please do not spam the chat room (multiple sentences, lots of emojis or symbols)

Icon & graphics:
Music: All non-copyrighted music can be found on youtube.
Splash screen: Created by me with Filmora video editor.

Thanks for watching!


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