Dead by Daylight – Endgame Collapse Trailer [HD 1080P]


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Endgame Collapse Trailer of Dead by Daylight.
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  1. 1:32 Anyone else think , that one urban evasion nea who never saves off hook is just gonna book it instead of saving.

  2. Gets into a game . All other survivors but one quits. Hatch spawns. Killer closes hatch and survivor opens exit gate and wins .

  3. Ok so survivors in lockers are forced out and die ? Maybe the entity should stab them in the locker and a dead body is popped out . The same animation just the get stabbed horizontally .

  4. Eh, are gamers suppose to be impressed when the game is still fundamentally broken? Fix the game, at its foundation, and then we'll talk because all this is doing is adding NEW s— on top of old BROKEN s—-

  5. So what happens when the hatch opens your standing at the hatch with the killer and he kicks it shut you're basically screwed. Because chances are after he shuts it from a hatch standoff he will chase you hit you and more than likely get you before you make it to the gate.

  6. At least if i'm with crappy teammates and they all die with 5 gens left, I still get a chance to escape or not… so I am happy.

  7. I downloaded this a while back on the PS4 as a free download. I thought this game was fucking dreadful.

  8. honestly the concept is fresh and interesting but it's terrible for the game as it is (not talking abt how there's so much more to fix beforehand like hitboxes and glitches and campers etc) like now killers can be even more toxic and ruin your only escape with the hatch especially if you play with useless survivors or throwers. and the timer ruins any altruism if a killer camps someone on hook while you open a gate, like it just gives free kills to killers that are already toxic and lazy. might as well hand them free BP since they make more and pip easier than any survivor. if they made a a new game mode (like hardcore or smth) this would be better especially in higher ranks where a challenge was needed anyways. but especially in green and yellow ranks, this spells disaster and an endless cycle of people never being able to get out of lower ranks despite any skills they may or may not have.

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