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Rank 7 Freddy Krueger Gameplay

Perks used:

Top: Shadowborn
– Increases your field of view by 15 degrees.

Bottom: Thrilling Tremors
– After picking up a Survivor, all generators which are not being worked on will be blocked by the Entity for 16 seconds and cannot be repaired during that time.
– Affected generators are highlighted in white.
– Thrilling Tremors can only be activated once every 60 seconds.

Left: Pop goes the Weasel
– After hooking a Survivor, Pop goes the Weasel activates for 60 seconds.
– Kicking a generator during that time will instantly regress the generator by 25 %.

Right: Save the Best for Last:
– You become obsessed with one Survivor.
– Any time you hit a Survivor which is not the Obsession with your basic attack, you will get a Token.
– Every Token reduces your successful attack recovery by 5 %
– You can get up to a maximum of 8 Tokens.
– Hitting your Obsession with your basic attack will consume 2 Tokens.
– You can not gain any Tokens if the Obsession is killed or sacrificed.
– You can only be obsessed with 1 Survivor at a time.

Add-Ons used:

Nancy’s Masterpiece: (green)
– Moderately reduces the Dream Projection cooldown for each sleeping Survivor.

Outdoor Rope: (yellow)
– Applies a slight action speed debuff to Repair, Healing and Sabotage actions for Survivors which are in the Dream World.


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