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hello everyone. Managed to prestige my freddy. Got trash perks after that so I’m gonna prestige him again and grind up some points during the 2x bp event. Think I finally found myself a new main killer again haha!

Also I’ve tried to do some streams lately. But sadly one of my pc’s memory modules died so I’m not sure if I can stream properly now. Still, I’d really appreciate it if you guys could follow me on twitch.

I also want to wish all of you guys a merry x-mas and a happy new year!, hope you guys enjoyed the video^^

Steam: QuicKFisH


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  1. Awesome! If you would like to play a game someday, let me know!

    Is it also possible if you would check out my latest video on my youtube channel that i started 1 week ago for some feedback? It's purely focused on Dead by daylight now and i could use any feedback from anyone at this moment <3

    I'm also always up for collaboration!

    Much love – a dedicated and a very passionate gamer/entertainer

  2. That's toxic play. Frrl. Having those perks doesn't make you a good player. You should have to keep up with em yourself not have scratches tell you where they went.

  3. Hey man you are a very good player. Do you want to play together because that will be really good. If you want just answer me and I will give my Steam ^^ . Well have a good day and merry Christmass

  4. Fun fact btw: The thumbnail is actually my background of my computer. Also wanted to say Happy Holidays! It's great to watch DBD on Christmas (for me). Especially since I've had computer issues with steam being fucked up; making games impossible to play on steam. Hope to get a new computer soon to fix the issues. Also great job on running Enduring, you showed those survivors who's their daddy 😉😉😉

  5. Do u ever play F13: The Game anymore bc i remember in one of your video desc "I am been watching an excessive amount of F13: the game." So I thought you were going to make a ton of videos on it but the last video of the game was 6 months ago. :/

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