Dead By Daylight: FREDDY KRUEGER HAS ARRIVED!! (Survivor)


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  1. Manana Dreamworld going to rain from Freddy Krueger and you try you try to to to break down a generator by not hitting the barn time so you do that and and then you're out of the dream world and and wake up

  2. DBD is the worst game out there that sucks and enables survivors  to cheat their way out of a  game with their friends and have their friend as a killer on the other side to collaborate! No way you can move the ranks it is highly impossible unless aided by friends! This game sucks big time and should be banned allowing toxic players like teenages to mock you, insult , intimidate and harass other players and nothing being done! There should be one exit and not 2 and remove the hatch which is a pussy way of escaping!

  3. He s the best! Better than Hillbilly and his toy chainsaw that slices 1! UnCAGEDgamez a few hints for  you :When capturing the toxic crybaby survivors give them a Kleenex tissue after they insult you with hate mail lol! When you chase them way my friends and  I do it we hook them up and kill them fast not leave them unattended cause they will organise a distraction move while you are chasing one other one goes for the save to remove the survivor! No offense you won t get many points and you won t move up the ranks lol. Best to get friends to help you out and capture them repeatedly with your friends help! Hooking and rehooking is  time consuming and you will lose when they are done with the generators! DBD is the worst game out there and it is easy for the survivors and harder for the killers! Many cheat their way to soar the ranks with help from their pals!

  4. 1,2 Freddy's coming for you 3,4 better lock your doors 5,6 give your cruise a fix 7,8 better stay up late 9,10 never sleep again

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