Dead By Daylight| Free Spirit contest for Shattered Bloodlines chapter DLC


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Dead By Daylight| Free Spirit contest for Shattered Bloodlines chapter DLCwas extracted from

The Dead By Daylight Chapter 9 DLC giveaway contest for PC players contest can be found here.

You can earn multiple entries by visiting various Dead By Daylight websites, such as the forums and merchandise store. You also get extra entries if you follow me on twitter, twitch and youtube.

Good luck to everyone!

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  1. Congrats. You deserve to be a fog whisperer. 🙂 already got shattered bloodline but good luck everyone!

  2. Jesus Christ, a contest for $6.99 are you for real, well let me go ahead gleam you, Twitter you, and you for $6.99, Jesus Christ, and with that said looking at your face REALLY????, while saying how happy you are,,,Not happening, not going to buy a blinded killer and don't want to win one, you look as sad as I did when I found out this great killer as far as the animations mori is concerned but playing a killer with disabilities come on all killers have disables but being blind is not one of them I don't think and if anyone got caught by a blinded killer they have disabilities of their own, lol Just joking sshe got me in the PTB, still I'm not buying it. They should had made her more like the hillbilly can see survivors but not blood or scratch marks

  3. Trying DBD free week on PC and I love it! Nurse is so much easier to play on PC than Xbox. I wish I had both version so I could play PTB too lol

  4. Why you wasting money on a killer skin Paulie? You don’t play killer lol j/k I’m on Xbox One so good luck everyone else.

  5. can a good soul gift me the base game steam key ? I'm a student and i'm really on debt ! i would highly appreciate it

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