Dead By Daylight Hacking #17 – JIGSAW IS OP!


FileSize: 22 MB

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  1. Bruh…for real?…..recording yourself playing with hacks so some 8 year olds think you're good? Hope you like knowing that you are shit so much u have to hack and if u are so good then play against people on rank 10 or smthn loopers would love having fun with you 🙂

  2. LOL.
    It's pathetic ! You use hacks on some survivors maybe who start the game without shame ! Why people like you cheating ?
    'top of that, you make funny of them but that's normal they're bad, you cheating. Hope u'll be banned. You deserve it.
    Don't want a answer from you,thx.

  3. are you kidding me ? Are you realy hacking by rang 20 survivors ?? Even i cant understand why somebody must hacking and than against noobs also realy i cant understand this i hope you will get banned or got banned because this is actually pretty unfair and makes no fun for the survivors. I hope you will get back all soon

  4. duud you must suck at anti juking i am great as the pig you clearly need to find a better game to play faggot

  5. Can you please just play the game normally and not be an absolute wanker. I mean you even call them trash even tho your hacking 😑

  6. For all u people hating on the hacks thanks for taking time out of your day to write a hate comment that won’t change a thing

  7. How many times have you been by a ban using dbd hack?
    Eac seems to have a hardware ban.

    I was banned from 3 accounts and banned from hardware.
    I have reinstalled windows, used vpn, changed the Mac address, and tried to replace the hard drives but can not resolve the hardware ban.
    Their hardware Ban system has evolved.

    So I ordered a new computer. HAHAHA

    Can I tell you tips that do not get banned?
    Of course, I always kept my profile private.

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