Dead by Daylight – How to enable/view Ping in DBD (MLGA)


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Sick of spamming numbers to guess your latency?
This quick video to show you how to enable ping viewer in dead by daylight (dbd).
Download links below. If you have UAC enabled read below.


If you have UAC Enabled:
If UAC is enabled: You may need to run the application via Command Prompt (this is due to the PCap4J library being unable to find devices).

Copy the folder path that MLGA is in, for example: C:\Users\Dwight\Desktop\MLGA\
Right-click in the same directory as MLGA and create a new text document
Open it with Notepad and type, cd C:\The\Path\You\Copied\Earlier
Start a new line with Enter and type, javaw -jar MLGA.jar
Choose Save As and name it MLGA.bat with the option All Files selected
Right-click the new batch file and Run as Administrator


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  1. Ok Plz Help I am using windows 10 and when I try to run MLGA.jar it cant bc it cant find Java to run it. Like the icon in not there and I only see Java Update Checker to open it with not "Executable Jar file" with the Java icon under "type". I installed everything tho

  2. Tia but how show and record MLGA in OBS? i can record hackers etc but without ping from MLGA ;s

  3. Do you happen to know how to make it stop flashing no players even though you are connected to somebody?

  4. Yes, I know, I'm dead, and back again likely momentarily. Real talk tho; I work in health care and have had to set my priorities else where for my future. I want to make this a hobby again so who knows. Thanks for watching!

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