Dead by Daylight – Killer Wallhack!


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Dang I got exposed!
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  1. I was once called a Wallhacker for finding people with Doctor ….. thats how stupid survivors are

  2. Lol, the same thing happened to me one time due to me using Whispers. Funny thing is, this guy ended up killing me and my friends a few weeks prior, and he reported me, thinking I was cheating, only for me to tell him I was using Whispers, since he was streaming at the time. I find it funny how some people just don't understand how perks work. 😛

  3. I never get mad when I see a squad of 4 clauds, they seem to think they're invisible which makes easier to catch and kill them when I do find them.

  4. Those afterchat comments.. I'll never understand..
    "Your worst opponents in DBD are the game itself and your team "mates".." – TheKller 😀

  5. I want to See this guy playing against a 4 swf and Not against boosted rank 1 survivor

  6. Сурвы такие тупоголовые, мне тоже писали, что я вх

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