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Today Dead By Daylight announced that William “Bill” Overbeck is coming to consoles, for FREE!

In an effort to tighten up the experience between PC players and console players, Behaviour has negotiated rights to bring Steam/Valve’s licensed character Bill to console. The other Left 4 Dead skins are also coming for the four original survivors. Awesome news!

Does this signal that DBD has also negotiated future cosmetics for Bill to come as well? I think so! 🙂

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  1. So for Bill's perks you'll keep his perks on any survivors where you've already unlocked them- they will not be affected. They will not show up in new bloodwebs until you've unlocked the teachables by leveling Bill or by purchasing them in the shrine. Remember if you prestige a character they won't get these perks anymore on their bloodwebs unless you unlock the teachables.

  2. So im gonna say this, and I hope you see this Paulie (and by no means do I mean this in disrespect) but I feel personally victimized.
    i asked if they would ever put Bill on console and you and everyone in game and chat attacked me because Bill was in a PC exclusive game. Then I asked if they would do Until Dawn and everyone said no because that's a console exclusive game.
    But now Bill is on console.
    so now ima make some predictions and see if they also come true!
    1) The will be a teacher killer, a school variation of Lery's, and exit gates will continue to be close together even though that gives a useless opportunity during end game for survivors.
    2) they put a hook atop of Thompson house but will not put a vault.
    3) Ima still support Paulie because he's amazing!

  3. I’m gonna main him cuz look at my name lol Edit: do you get the infection t shirts

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