DEAD BY DAYLIGHT Leatherface Gameplay Trailer (2017) PS4/Xbox One/PC


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DEAD BY DAYLIGHT Leatherface Gameplay Trailer (2017) PS4/Xbox One/PCwas extracted from


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  1. I’m sick of people saying “I don’t like leatherface” and there just complaining well u know what if u don’t like him don’t use him……if u don’t like him then just keep it to yourself don’t just keep on complaining

  2. Would've liked if Leatherface got his own stage, but considering the first movie mostly took place during the day (thus making it what most people associate with the Haddonfield house), and the game is called "Dead BY DAYLIGHT", I guess it wouldn't work too well. Although they probably could've used the abandoned theme park from Texas Chainsaw 2

  3. Wot is leatherface only on pc? Because I have it on ps4 and leatherface isn't on there someone explain.

  4. This just came to me what about Jeepers Creepers. Idk how he would work but he would scare the SHIT out of me and if they added him it could promote the new jeepers creepers movie coming out.

  5. I already had to deal with Leatherface in Mortal Kombat now he's on dead by daylight what's next Call of Duty … I don't know why people praise him he really killed people that should not be honored

  6. They should add either freddy krueger, the dude from hatchet, the babadook might be cool, maybe some conjuring demon or something, hellraiser characters could be cool. Evil dead. Pennywise or rather it. Jeepers creepers Creeper, idk how that would work though. The thing lol. Frankenstein? Hannibal lecter. Frank the bunny? Lol. Chuckie? Sam from trick r treat.

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