Dead By Daylight live stream| Ghostface PC DLC Giveaway Day!


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Multistreaming with
The new PTB is out with the Freddy rework! Here’s the patch notes!

Chock full of developer info goodness! Matchmaking, bloodpoint scoring changes, disconnections, hitboxes!

Ghostface DLC is out on all platforms! Yay!

Sign up to pre register for DBD on mobile devices free here to get in game rewards for being an early tester:

Take part in my GameOn challenge on my Twitch channel to win a Ghostface DLC for PC. Sorry I only have PC codes for the giveaway. Password for the “PaulieEsther’s balloon stalker tourney” challenge is C9NP.

Along with this chapter here at the cosmetics we can expect to see in the coming weeks for The Pig, Detective Tapp, Dwight Fairfield, Feng Min, The Wraith, The Huntress

Do you think you know Dead by daylight?
Test your knowledge!

What’s that symbol in the corner? That’s my “Fog Whisperer” icon. What is a Fog Whisperer? A Fog Whisperer is a person who engages the DBD community by creating compelling and absorbing content to a high standard. Who are the 50 Fog Whisperers that may be putting on tournaments of their own? Here’s the list of the 50 Fog Whisperers with links to their channels in this forums post:

More fun and friendship survive with friends live stream game play! 🙂

Thanks to everyone for coming out and watching.

If you’d like to support the channel you can click join on the page on the link below for access to the special Esther emotes:

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Amazing artwork courtesy of Cozy Chicken! Check out their amazing animations on their Youtube channel!

Thanks to everyone who showed up to watch, play, chat, lurk, subscribe and donated either bits on Twitch or super chatted! I appreciate all your support and much love to everyone. 🙂

I hope you enjoy! Thanks for watching. I look forward to seeing you join us on a future live stream! 🙂

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  1. How i said..
    Expilot sprint burst is like dead hard but worse.
    You need to press crouch and move in every single side and press run in that moment but you need to hold the crouch button to make the perk never be activated, if you stop to crouch when you have ben hold the run button WAAALAAA… the perk never activates and you can activate the perk if you press the run button again while running without activate the perk and you have a really good chance to dodge an attack (sorry for my bad english if you paulie dont understand correctly)
    The perk activate too if:
    – you fall and touch the ground
    – you drop a pallet
    – you touch a gen or tottem and run

  2. Farmer-Browns level has increased, from number 1 meme to god tier meme. Seriously though, I LOVE how he immediately did two things when he heard that he could very likely be banned, he started playing the "I'm innocent" card and the "backtrack and avoid the hell out of you" card.

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