Dead By Daylight live stream| Pushing to a million bloodpoints before tomorrow!


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Chains of Hate DLC comes out tomorrow at 11AM EST. Let’s do some last minute bloodpoint push to get to a million before then!

The chapter 15 Chains of Hate DLC is slated to be released March 10th!

Content – Added a new Survivor (Zarina Kassir)
Content – Added a new Killer (The Deathslinger)
Content – Added a new map (Dead Dawg Saloon – Grave of Glenvale)





Both the Incent cryptocurrency reward system and the Valentines collection Streamloots interactive cards are on tonight!

Earn the cryptocurrency Incent by watching the stream. Go to & enter the onscreen code to be rewarded for your viewership!

Streamloots is a way to add an interactive element to my stream with the audience where they can use cards to influence who I play, how I play, and what I have to do in certain games. Here’s the link to my Streamloots page to see what cards I have to offer so far. We’ll layer on more cards as we go. The cards are limited only by our imagination.

The Archives Tome II Reckoning is here! Let’s curl up with a good book!

Archives Reckoning Rift overview trailer:

Website link with overview of the Rift:

What’s that symbol in the corner? That’s my “Fog Whisperer” icon. What is a Fog Whisperer? A Fog Whisperer is a person who engages the DBD community by creating compelling and absorbing content to a high standard. Who are the 50 Fog Whisperers that may be putting on tournaments of their own? Here’s the list of the 50 Fog Whisperers with links to their channels in this forums post:

More fun and friendship survive with friends live stream game play! 🙂

Thanks to everyone for coming out and watching.

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Thanks to everyone who showed up to watch, play, chat, lurk, subscribe and donated either bits on Twitch or super chatted! I appreciate all your support and much love to everyone. 🙂

I hope you enjoy! Thanks for watching. I look forward to seeing you join us on a future live stream! 🙂

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