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  1. Thank god that you can escape from healing and HOLY SHIT THEY ARE SOO BAD, AND I TOUGHT I WAS THE WORST SURV/KILLER ON THE WORLD

  2. very nice gameplay here i just liked with 3 account 😀 dat stupid face at the end tho and music 😀 perfect!

  3. This happened to my boyfriend hours ago. They were working together for upgrades. They attacked just him and then worked on themselves like total assholes. They need to ban players like these. They are just a waste if they arent going to play the game correctly

  4. *Here is the survivours profile*:
    Flame him to death plz. I think my comment was goooood. Here was my flame comment to him:
    Dude, aren't you the survivour in the video? Fuck you! I'm gonna fuck your mom in all of her holes and cum right inside of her! Then I make more holes to fuck her more with knives. AND THEN I RIP OFF YOUR DICK AND PUT IT RIGHT IN YOUR MOUTH WITH ''KETCHUP''.

    Dad would be proud of me :3

  5. first of all his is not cheater, and second the only noob on that video is u because ur sabbotging the hooks so stfu

  6. я тоже взял музыку Джон Сины просто мой момент круче в миллион раз)

  7. Teaming and cheating is most certainly not the same thing, because its an ingame mechanic that you can game to your advantage, they are being dicks yes, but cheating I wouldnt go that far..

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