Dead By Daylight (PS4): CREATING AN ULTRA ANGRY GHOSTFACERINO #9 (Survivor Gameplay 2020)


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Another Dead By Daylight (PS4) video from the Creating An Angry series, which is survivor gameplay.

In this Dead By Daylight (PS4) video it was versus a Ghostface. There were some good chases and funny moments.

If you want to see more survivor gameplay and videos like this, or versus another specific killer, feel free to check my channel playlists(Link below), as they are organized and seperated for each type of killer.

If you know nothing about me, I’m a veteran competitive esports dbd player, with a lot of tournament experience and wins(2 Years playing dbd esports tournaments), rank 1 survivor and killer, with all perks in the game lvl 3 and all characters in the game Prestige 3 lvl 50. I’ve been playing dbd for more than 2 years and I’m not a survivor nor killer main, I know, enjoy and play both sides very well, also in tournament.


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I don’t have the bad intent to angry or bully the killer per say, but when they choose to chase me it’s often what ends up happening, not my intent but an inevitable consequence of me just being very hard to down. I do taunt him as much as I can though with the intent to encourage/provoke him to keep chasing me and not give up as they often do. Because since I’m the best runner survivor on the team, its more beneficial to the team that he chases me because he will waste a lot of time to down me and so my team can safely do the gens, plus I hate doing gens, its boring, I rather be tunneled, the taunting is not a personal thing, just a strategy combined with what is most fun to me. I’m ok with him facecamping me or tunneling, either way more often than not, if my team is doing the gens while he chases me, they all will escape which is a win for the team, killer depips just getting 1 tunnel/camp kill the whole game. I don’t mind dying for the team to win.


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