Dead by Daylight RANK 1 FREDDY! – BAD PERKS = GOOD?


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  1. The only bad portion of this build is Distressing. Monitor and Abuse is the prefered perk.

  2. 2:30 I started DBD only using freddy and while only using him was frustrating at the start, it was actually good for me in the long run.

  3. They were holding the game up. Notice they ran DIRECTLY at the hatch after touching the overcharge gen, which is in a palletless OPEN area.

  4. Lullaby is actually good on Freddy ^_^
    Everybody spams spacebar anyway when in Dream World and lullaby adds extra 6% regression to a gen.

  5. "…but apparently I'm just a mediocre killer…"
    MIMIMI will you fucking stop that whining already? You are good, I enjoy your content, many people think the same but constantly mentioning how SOME ASSHOLES TROLLING YOU IS HURTING YOUR FEELINGS PISSES ME OFF

  6. These perks are very good (except distressing) when used correctly on Freddy. If you use cat block and class photo, it becomes a very interesting build. The strategy would be to, find and sleep a survivor, mind game them into dropping a pallet or getting hit while using CP to find another survivors location, rinse and repeat until all/most pallets are gone, then (and if you get any downs instead of pallets) slug all survivor, hook them all and then win. The reason this works is because survivors are constantly stuck in dream state, so have to keep fucking up skill checks, and because you aren't going for hits at the start, and with the extra regression from ruin and lullaby, and the extra skill checks from cat block, little/no gen progress can be made. Then the survivors, have no pallets, can't do gens because they're asleep and need to wake up and you are constantly sleeping and hitting until they're all down. Running an anti healing perk instead of distressing, like sloppy or nurses finishes of the build and generally makes things easier.

  7. I wish they would make a cosmetic for Freddy where you can get Robert Englund's version of the character

  8. Keep it up man. It is interesting to see almost random builds with killers and survivors.

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