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  1. NOED isn't bad though Tru3. If you run perks like MYC, Devour Hope, Rancor and Haunting Ground it isn't different at all from you running NOED lol. Plus they could just be trying to do a ritual since it seemed like they weren't used to her.

    Also I wanna point out it's not very nice making fun of their perks… So what if they ran Monitor and Abuse? If they like it and if it feels like it works for them they can run whatever they want. There is no right or wrong way to play a game.

    ALSO lol taking jabs at perks like adrenaline is kinda getting old. If the survivors do all of their objectives let them have the free heal and sprint burst. You don't need to keep saying "No I don't need those perks!" If you don't need them just don't use them like you have been. You don't need to keep bringing it up over and over again and belittling the people that like to use those perks. It's insulting. It's just a game and they are trying to have fun. So what if they run perks you don't use? It doesn't make them a bad player it just means they have a different playstyle.

    I love your videos Tru3 but this just seemed rude 🙁

  2. I've been playing Dead by Daylight a good bit on console recently and I've played against at least 5 nurses this week that didn't even use their blink. I almost felt the need to message them and let them know shes objectively the worst killer in the game if you arent using her damn ability

  3. Nurse: Misses first hit
    Tru3: "NOED player?"

    Wow. Just wow. You run MYC, Haunted Ground, and you're fine with Rancor. All of those are on the same level as NOED. They all insta-down.
    And just like your title "Nurse is not a free win", neither is NOED. Only stupid Survivors get killed by NOED for being too altruistic. Someone goes down by NOED, you leave or destroy the totem. Don't rush the hook.
    This video even proves, not even NOED helps bad players. That guy had NOED and still had no kills.

    I swear the past month or so your ego has gotten worse than P3 Claudette with Purple flashlight and DS. It's kinda sad because the whole reason I watched you is because you kept chill and were level headed. That's why a lot of people watch you and I don't want to stop watching you because I learn a lot from you but your ego is getting too big.

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