Dead by Daylight RANK 4 SURVIVOR! – 100% CHEATER!


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  1. screw all the jokes,do these people really have fun doing this? i would honestly just get rushed by 4 survivors and lose hard instead of this,you lose to improve,but apparently these players don't think the way i think

  2. There are so many cheaters on this game it's ridiculous. Gennies being lit up within 5 seconds of beginning game. 4 gennies going off 1 right after the other with only 2 survivors playing, being sacrificed within 3 seconds of being hooked while I'm attempting to break free…the list goes on. Shame really because this game is pretty awesome.

  3. When u have nothing better to do you hack in a video game what a complete fucking loser

  4. It's still better then being killed by memento mori and lag switch when killer don't have even green memento… XD

  5. i absolutely love it when hackers blatantly give themselves away by acting super defensive and ticked off when someone calls them out. Usually goes like this:

    Hacker: gg
    Survivor: nah, nice hacks
    Hacker: spits racial slurs, cusses, calls the player that accused them trash, and to kill thereself, usually says "ggez"

  6. Sucks that most lagswitchers only get a temp ban of a week since it's impossible to prove with p2p.

  7. 4:37 To be fair, this has actually happened to me, because my internet connection usually is really bad. But sometimes i get a green bar with 99 Ping and just seconds later it's above 1000. Sooo just wanted to say this is actually possible

  8. The devs just need to actually put their foot down and do something about these cheaters lol like what are y'all doing

  9. One time my internet turned off and I decided to play dbd after it turned back on and after one match someone accused me of lag switch in the game, even though I’ve never, i don’t even know how

  10. Think I already seen this game (it being old and all) but rewatching and just happen to notice @5:18 the prompt is for "LB" followed by "Space" @5:30.. what's all that about?

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