Dead by Daylight RANK 4 SURVIVOR! – 100% CHEATER!


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  1. screw all the jokes,do these people really have fun doing this? i would honestly just get rushed by 4 survivors and lose hard instead of this,you lose to improve,but apparently these players don't think the way i think

  2. There are so many cheaters on this game it's ridiculous. Gennies being lit up within 5 seconds of beginning game. 4 gennies going off 1 right after the other with only 2 survivors playing, being sacrificed within 3 seconds of being hooked while I'm attempting to break free…the list goes on. Shame really because this game is pretty awesome.

  3. i absolutely love it when hackers blatantly give themselves away by acting super defensive and ticked off when someone calls them out. Usually goes like this:

    Hacker: gg
    Survivor: nah, nice hacks
    Hacker: spits racial slurs, cusses, calls the player that accused them trash, and to kill thereself, usually says "ggez"

  4. 4:37 To be fair, this has actually happened to me, because my internet connection usually is really bad. But sometimes i get a green bar with 99 Ping and just seconds later it's above 1000. Sooo just wanted to say this is actually possible

  5. One time my internet turned off and I decided to play dbd after it turned back on and after one match someone accused me of lag switch in the game, even though I’ve never, i don’t even know how

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