DEAD BY DAYLIGHT RAP by JT Music – "You Can Hang"


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As usual, better late then never! Here’s our Dead by Daylight Rap! Hope it was worth the wait 🙂

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DEAD BY DAYLIGHT RAP by JT Music – “You Can Hang”


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  1. Favourite line was
    "C'mon team its a Four-on-one.
    So until you stop breathing-you're not done"

  2. At the beginning i thought, oh this deep voice sounds horrible. But after the real song started i really loved it. Good Work

  3. I would love to see JT do a DbD song like Meet The Crew where he goes through all the characters from their perspective

  4. hello people i feel like being a dick … sooo put down hate comments so i can respond to them in the asshole way

  5. " I'm not a fan of horror movies that gory…"
    Pat: skulls a big horror movie fan

    Jason born, what are you SKULL

  6. This is pretty much a song about someone who becomes a pro at survival and can't be killed by any of the psychos

  7. okay if the middle end part teaches us anything that L4D didn't Bill is Awesome

    EDIT#1 Wow one like that I didn't give myself that's a new record

    EDIT #2 Well then another like

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