Dead by Daylight v1.3.1g Full Game Download + Install


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Dead by Daylight v1.3.1g Full Game Download + Installwas extracted from

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DBD v1.3.1g: ( Torrent )

FIX v1.3.1g : ( Updated )

Activating Steam-Fix:
1. Launch Steam.
2. Press the Win + R key combination , in the opened window write: steam: // install / 251040 and click Ok.
3. Begin the installation of PAYDAY 2 Demo (for a couple of seconds), stop and remove PAYDAY 2 Demo from the Steam library.
4. Run the game.

Comment for any problem.

Credit: UberPsyX for FIXES / PATCHES / UPDATES, etc !

Thanks for watching. 😀


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  1. I tried almost every download site the game is shot! they all have out of date version's and they are filled with errors! i even wrote my own patch!!! it started to work then it told me i was in wrong download it had to be russia,moscow i fixed that then it said there were unrecognized files in my game and no my patch to get it to work wasnt one of them! So i just hit the delete button! i think all the hackers failed to crack this game! Which i am very impressed by this company!!! Maybe a real hacker will come and crack this game but it's already an old game so i doubt it! Final opinion -Dont waste your time with this crap! There are far better games that work that are out there! That even low grade hackers can crack! Enjoy! good luck to you all!

  2. Google drive error "Infected file" only owner can download. This error is coming on the update fix file.

  3. We should just have a Discord group and anyone who still plays this Can join it. So anyone who is on, you can SFW on 1.3.1!!

  4. the only solution to the problem about nobody joining is adding the people with the game cracked and inviting them to a private match

  5. In my game all cracks of Coop Land appears this error "You are not using Russia – Moscow download region in Steam. Please change it to play the game" and I have a fuckin download region in RUSSIA MOSCOW. what the fuck this shit error

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