DEAD CELLS #2 – Ch-ch-changes.


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  1. Really missed you on yt. I saw that you didnt upload recently (lets say this month) because of youtube not showing but i still looked you up sometimes hoping you upload something because i really like your attitute your style of commentary and yourself as a person ( also was on some streams if you remember the guy who asked about eitr and below). Really good to see you again, maybe not with the same intro as in the past, because we all change over time, but still good to see you! Thank you for the amazing content over the year(s? Dont know how long im subcribed) and have a great day.

  2. the magnetic grenade had 100% burning damage from fire so you should of thrown the ivy and used fire and magnetic for extra damage.

  3. Yo I love this video, such a nice watch. You don't play Throne no more, tho, eh? Gotta drop some Throne vids, even like a couple quick runs, those were the best. Even Max Dood drops some Third strike vids now and again. neway, this game is really fun too! Instalike

  4. i got this game after watching you play it. it's fucking amazing but it needs a bit more variety. i love finding a good primary weapon and matching it with a matching secondary weapon…the action can get so intense! but those later levels…and the sewers…!! p.s. you gotta play through Hollow Knight!! 10/10

  5. Tam, if you didn't know, the Ossuary now also leads to a new area which skips the first boss and links directly to the Graveyard

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