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  1. New version of Denuvo Bypass 2.3:

    If you use the 2.2a or an earlier version, don't upgrade now and wait !

    – 2.3 –
    Adding an option for patch Steam during activation.
    Adding auto-login on Uplay during activation.
    Adding accounts security.
    Adding preview of the selected game image in the settings.
    Optimization of games activation.
    Fixed patch Steam in offline.
    Fixed crash during activation.

  2. Yeah, now it playable…bu the way can you do something with far Cry Primal crack by 3DM.I was unable to open the 3DM crack.

  3. your rar file has password. You links are all suspecious. This doesn't seems legit. Answer the question for password if you are not BS!

  4. New version of Denuvo Bypass available 2.2a !

    – 2.2a –
    Fixed number version of the application.
    Fixed some bugs during activation of uplay games.
    Fixed restart Uplay if already started when launching games.
    Fixed disable remove button when launching games.
    Fixed bugs activation button if nothing is written.

  5. hello sir can u give me free? i dont have money.. I know ur trying to make money but pls help me too

  6. can i use the same code or is there any other process…… and tell me details of donation through paypal

  7. There's a dude who selling WD2 for 5$ in my local. A regular cracked game he sold only 1$ but for the game that has no crack he sell for 5$. I wonder if he bought that account or activation thing from you? Or is there anyone else who doing the same thing as you.
    One more question. Are you also the same guys who sold Division Online account too? Because both game has no cracked and it force me to do some research. Please, tell me something about the cost and is this legit?

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