Destiny 1st to use Pre Order Download Now Functionality on PS4


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  1. So I pre-ordered CoDAW/ACU. Can I download it at any time? Because it said
    “expected date 11/03/15 11:pm” And the game comes out at the 4th. Will it
    let me download it like at 6am or I have to download it at 11pm. I’m just
    saying and trying to make sure cause this is my first time pre-ordering
    games online.

  2. I bought the 84 pound one right and it stopped the download after like
    200mb but when I get the info up about the game it says I’ve downloaded
    13gb of 18gb is it a background download or something because it says it’s
    downloaded in my downloads thing… But it can’t be because my connection
    is shit help

  3. I buy the download games only now because of my kids. I wish it was at a
    discount since we cant turn it in. I dont mean a small discount as well. I
    was thinking 40 is about right. 

  4. bro i want to ask something, cuz you are the only one who answers..
    1- watch dogs isn’t out yet, how is there some people stream it on ps4?
    2- could you please explain to me what is the beta access of destiny?

  5. I pre ordered from ps store the game is in the download but if I when’t
    back to the store to destiny it shows me the price like I can pre order did
    I pre order successfully?I didn’t get the code do I need one if I pre
    ordered from ps store? Please answer

  6. i pre ordered destiny for ps4 through the PlayStation store but I didn’t
    get any beta code, did it happen to you aswell?

  7. i will download the game because i live with a roommate in collage and we
    like the same things in games like fighting and shooting and rpgs and what
    not so i have to download all my ps3 games i pre order destiny and battle
    field hard line on my ps3 today i am in the beta and loving the beta 

  8. I preffer buying in the store , But if its 10$ cheaper , like Dark souls 2
    , then i preffer buying in the store 

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