Destiny 2.0 download / install taking long? Taken King


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  1. I have a PS3. I have a disc and I started downloading it at about 2am and it is NOW 8:42am and it's just at 85% (and been stuck at 85% for about almost an hour)!! RIDICULOUS! I have been tempted to just stop it, but that would be very defeatist since it is (barely) almost done. WOW.

  2. wow,……….destiny is taking forever and its 2016 and the dl………says it will be 26 hours );

  3. The game itself took 2 hours (6plus GB) but the add ons (1 plus G each) are driving me up the wall! (yes still downloading as I type!) On compatability pack 7 (despite the fact over an hour ago it said it couldn't do 7! Errors are doing my head in as well!) Got 11, 8, 5, and 2 done. Started this around 8pm (after daughter stalled it by playing Minecraft typical 🙂 ) It's now 11.46pm on 20% of pack 7 with no warning of anything else it will do (which is worrying as packs 11, 8, and 5 all looked the same so I assumed they (each) would be the last one but no there was always another thing to do!) Got a horrible feeling I could be here for a loooong time!

  4. Its 1:55 pm right now, Ive started the update at 12:15pm. Its at 88% on part 1 of 7 on the first bar and the second bar its at 40%. Hopefully the next 6 parts take a shorter amount of time. Btw I also got this game last night.

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