Destiny 2 : 5 PVP Tips Easy PVP Improvement Guide for Destiny 2 BETA Preparation


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  1. Destiny 2 PVP : 5 Easy Ways to get better at Destiny 2 PVP QUICK! Based on my experiences playing Destiny 2, & changes from Destiny 1. Lots of details and information you NEED TO KNOW! Subscribe for more Destiny 2:

  2. Yeah Mano I appreciate the tips. We can always learn a better way to do things. I still have the vibration on for my controller. Gonna change that immediately. Please keep up the good work!

  3. Nice vid, I have been subbed since I got into destiny and just have one question, what type of mic do you use for online multi player I have tried several and none of them work they all just break, thank you

  4. Im a top tier player that always uses vibration, its a tactile advantage,
    That being said, every player should turn off vibration if they want to get good at aiming first but once you are good at aiming it becomes more beneficial to turn it back on.

    Im the type of player who will challenge you with a slither of health and still win even though you had full health. I just know how to keep my cool throughout gun fights. The vibrations on your controller can help you find out where you are getting shot from faster.

    Proof that i am a top tier player, i was top 50 in rumble for the longest time but for the past 8 months is stopped playing destiny seriously and almost completely.

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