Destiny 2 Aim Assist on PC Q&A


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  1. Currently watching the video, but i wanted to add this before i forget. In d1 there were perks that added aim assist.. how exactly would that work for pc? Potentially a wasted perk for mouse and keyboard?

  2. Lono I don't think that you really understand the pc community if there is a way to hack the game a lot more than 1% of players will be hacking d2

  3. The thing about plugging in your controller and it being capped at 30 FPS happens because the game is not in the foreground and thus limited to 30 FPS. He has to click the game with his mouse cursor or alt tab onto it. Easy fix 🙂

  4. The PC community at large is not going to accept AA for as long as it can be easily abused with hardware or software spoofing. They have had to deal with all kinds of hacks, cheats and tracking bots for years and years. The fact that big streamers have made the whole controller spoofing thing public the way they did does not help.

    Other games have less of an issue with controller AA because the KB/M players never really bothered to try it. Now because of all the hubub, they are trying it on destiny and experience controller AA for the first time. Coming from years of no assist at all, the controller AA is doing quite a bit of work for you. To them, it feels like cheating.

    You keep going back to the point that removing AA will destroy the experience for controller players, I just don't think the average PC player cares for controller users. They have been competing on KB/M against KB/M with no assist for as long as they can remember. No matter if a game was on consoles first. Now that D2 has come to PC, I don't think its hard to understand that the PC players have issues accepting a new AA assisted control method in PVP.

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