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  1. You aren't making a lick of sense. M&KB is far better than controller even with aim assist. I am sorry i can't agree. I topped many games within destiny 2 and I didn't know about this state. However with the XIM4 it might be horrid, I have not tried it. However I don't think that's going to be a problem either compared to the majority of M&KB players. However removing aim assist makes sense PC is supposed to mean raw skill.

  2. They spend 300$ on their multi button's short cut's keyboard & mouse and they cry about the tiny help controller's players get.

    Aim assist has been always in pc games, why crying now?

    It is simple, if you get SPANKED by a CONTROLLER PLAYER while you play with K&M That means you SUCK

  3. tbh AA in PVE is fine. The Quickplay playlist in the Crucible is also fine because it's not the competitive section. but competitive on PC should Definitely have it removed. unfair advantages are unfair by nature, so why not remove it and let the skills of each player do the talking? it's not hard to learn mouse and keyboard either. most people use a computer every day. it's not difficult to learn skills for something you use daily.

  4. However, PS4 players can use a mouse and keyboard and have the best of both worlds, so remove Aim Assist all together!!

  5. I don't care about aim assist on controllers but if people are gonna start usising xim4 or software to get an unfair advantage on mouse and keyboard then that's a problem and aim assist needs to go completely from pvp mouse and keyboard is priority on pc controller is just a bonus and if it messes with the game then I don't want it in the game and you make it seem like is only important in a tournament no competitive is not only tournaments I want aim assist off pvp if is gonna cause problems period

  6. I haven't seen anyone say "controllers are better" people are unhappy because AA enables cheaters. No one wants that, you'd be hard pressed to find someone who wants that, at least someone who isn't a cheater. It's not really a relevant argument to even bring up KBM vs controllers, they're a separate unrelated topic. It's just about how AA can enable cheaters, and even if it didn't it reduces the skill required for the game.

    The problem is if AA is in the game everyone has it, this includes KBM users. This is a topic you covered. But you can't do anything about it. All of the spoofing done by hardware / software happens well before the game. It's just not a problem that can be solved. Please don't say "People are gear blaming" when they aren't, everyone has AA if its in the game. EVERYONE.

    You brought up Overwatch a few times and you already covered this first but I'll say it again. Overwatch had to remove its AA from the PC version during its beta because of Spoofers and Cheaters. Spoofers were using it for the obvious benefit of AA with KBM, I say spoofing because while yes XIM exists it limits your input to 8 axis and there are more graceful ways to do it, and don't limit you. But actual aimbots, the thing everyone hates, were using AA to hide themselves. Because light player tracking was already in the game it was easy for Aimbots to hide themselves and thus were reasonably undetectable.'

    There's also the problem of you could also tell what people were using as their input. In a magically world that shouldn't be a problem but it also shouldn't be so easy to tell. Different weapons in the game seemed to have different levels of AA, and you could tell pretty quickly based on weapons(mostly this one) / movement patterns what input people were using.

    My vote is all for just making separate Queue for AA and No-AA, but AA will probably have a much much larger pool of cheaters because reasons stated before. But that's the only way everyone "wins". But people won't every be able to make the argument "I lost to XYZ input" it'll be "I lost to AA"

  7. thank you. another intelligent worthwhile collection of thoughts on the issue.

    I use M+K because I think I do better with it, but I LOVE destiny on controller and people that love Destiny that way should be able to have fun and compete.

    You can't be more right about teamwork and positioning being the primary skill in Destiny 2.

  8. The only time I make fun of new players is when they literally die at least 10 times and don't get a single kill the entire time and or if there bagging people they didn't kill it's just weird

  9. If we're talking leveling the playing field, AA should be turned on using key/mouse. If you disagree then you're controller biased. There is no debate needed. Either have it on or off regardless of hardware and/or no AA in competitive playlists.

  10. Let me get this straight, Lupo said XIM4 with a M&K on console didn't provide an advantage, and now it's OP? The reality is console makers and game developers need to come up with a way to detect these controller spoofing devices get rid of them.

  11. As someone who is physically disabled using the mouse and keyboard is impossible for me. Having aim assist on the controller allows me to play the PC version and be somewhat effective.

  12. The Xim or whatever it's called would be problematic with Destiny's heavy aim assist. I can understand that controllers would need that for your average console gamer to have fun on the PC. Pro players might not need it so much though. Now if Bungie can fix that Xim exploit, then I can see aim assist staying on the PC. I don't have a problem with it personally as long as people aren't exploiting it, but considering that even Blizzard couldn't find away to leave aim assist in Overwatch, I don't think Bungie will leave it in unless they somehow find a way to block the exploit.

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