Destiny 2 AIM BOT EXPLOIT [] Bungie Removing Controller AIM ASSIST on PC [] Cheaters ALREADY Caught


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Destiny 2 AIM BOT EXPLOIT [] Bungie Removing Controller AIM ASSIST on PC [] Cheaters ALREADY Caughtwas extracted from


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  1. cheating in fps is like juicing in nfl. All those perfect KD shit talking tryhards are just cheaters. It's a sad fact. Just like the nfl juicing doesn't stop shit they practically force it on players and I've heard it from college ball players but every once in a while they catch a guy doing it and publicly shame him for it while behind the scenes the coaches are pumping they're players full of the shit! NOTHING GETS DONE ABOUT IT AND ITS ALL FOR SHOW. Well fps shooters are just like that. If only we could know all the times we have been aim botted on we would probably throw up! lol

  2. well ppl are already using mouse and keyboard aim assist on console so this game and all fps is a joke. I mean the level of cheating is unreal. I'm sure top trials players are probably doing this. People love exploits in games like this. Single player or co op games need to save gaming cause on a competitive level a game like destiny is a joke.

  3. They spend 300$ on their multi button's short cut's keyboard & mouse and they cry about the tiny help controller's players get.

    Aim assist has been always in pc games, why crying now?

    It is simple, if you get SPANKED by a CONTROLLER PLAYER while you play with K&M That means you SUCK

  4. Fuck off, KB+M will own Controller users all day even with AA, now Xim and Software cheats…they can fuck even more right off.

  5. Don't forget that you don't even need a XIM to do this on PC. You can just software spoof a controller and get AA on KB/M

  6. Hey dan great video and you aren't cheating at d2 and I love the intro song keep up the fantastic work and it doesn't matter if u don't get that many people watching at least you have people like me, Kai, Abu and loads more

  7. I think most of you understand why I stated why. Its a beta and I want it to be taken care of………. Its pretty clear to me Bungie will remove aim assist from controllers in PvP just like Overwatch when it happened there

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