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  1. *one other thing: lots of people have been reporting crashes but 3 of us here playing constantly and we only saw one crash. Just fyi if you care.

  2. So tired of so many games using the same shooter formula. I need a game with depth that has fun moments outside of combat.

  3. Used to play Halo Combat Evolved and Halo 2@PC. It blew me away back then. Bungie totally nailed it and became one of the most epic game makers I came across. Been looking forward to Destiny on PC and now I enjoy it a lot. Beautiful visuals, great mechanics and gunplay. I'd say it's my GOTY.

  4. really don't get the whining about this game, they sure don't mind grinding in call of duty or playersunknown now do they

  5. I really hate when Bungie shortens the story because you have to buy the dlc first… i really hate it when they do that.

  6. Ive never played destiny before today, it has a free trial on ps4 and i think its a fairly good game but i dont think about spending €70 on the game…
    Its a little much and i guess i like the way the game works and ive enjoyed it so far but its still not like i feel a big NEED for the game.

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