Destiny 2 Beta DOWNLOAD NOW! – How To Download Beta on PS4 & Xbox One!


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  1. can someone please tell me how to get it if you didn't preorder. the 21 is when everyone supposed to get it and its a real OPEN beta but I can't get it

  2. I love you videos so much you explain everything in good detail every fucking uterine watch explain this fucking bullshit which is really explain it so bad for you and other hand oh my God thank you so much ?

  3. you dont need a code a preorder or anything. just go to Asian PSN and download it. video of proof on my channel

  4. ok I really have to give you a big thumbs up and I will definitely sub I got nothing but the runaround from bungee from the assholes at gamestop who pushed me to preorder in the first place you have been a truly great help and I thank you very much I'm new to online multiplayer and online gaming period so this was just stressing me out and frustrating so again thank you so much man keep up the good work

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