DESTINY 2 BETA IS HERE! Preload & Early Access Info!


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Free destiny2downloadtime is ready for download

DESTINY 2 BETA IS HERE! Preload & Early Access Info!was extracted from


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  1. I really hope I can help some people with this video because I still get a LOT of questions asking about how to gain access to the beta!

  2. Thank you so much for this video. It helped me a lot since I had been given a Beta cod but I didn't know how to redeem it.

  3. Ok, so I have a question, I digitally pre ordered and it doesn't give a countdown, it only says pre ordered instead of giving a countdown. Not sure if that's just how the Xbox works of if i need to do something more. Plz reply thanks

  4. i love how hes trying to explain the physical pre-order code as if downloading digitally is the norm and buying physical versions isnt

  5. very informative and helpful as usual. thank you! look forward to being active and watching your content again starting tomorrow

  6. wow all of this just to play a beta. this is typical bungie bullshit here! they want people to pre order the game and then go through all this shit? Wow! destiny 2 has already failed because of this!

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