Destiny 2 BETA Massive Ban All Cheaters


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  1. What is Benji don't have to worry about hackers except for the people who do absolutely nothing I have played for god-knows-how-long I haven't got banned veteran five of my friends get banned instantly the first day and we can literally come by everyone on my ever my friends list is completely banned I made the strangest face that day it's me cringing being very angry and not to mention I hit my head against the table twice thank you Benji no one knows the CEO is and no one cares

  2. Fuck you for buying it suckers. Serves you right. Not that anybody warned you. Just had to give them the money didnt you? Morons.

  3. at 6:12 that paragraph is so long it looks like a text crawl from an sci-fi movie short and sweet would have been better. centrevez vectra

  4. I don't think people understand his sarcasm and he is good at video editing so you got all these destiny haters are afraid he will take their glory since his description states he is new to the Destiny game I SMELL HATERSSS you got my love this was hilarious

  5. My only comment would be that this is a beta and these are the types of issues that the beta is designed to bring to light so they can remedy it before the final release. I wouldn't get salty yet. Now, if this occurs in October, grab your pitchforks.

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