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  1. They literally took d1 picked out all the best parts like the vendors and crucible modes and COMPLETELY REMOVED EVERY EXOTIC WEAPON EXCEPT MIDA AND ITS HIGH CALIBER ROUNDS BULLSHIT AND SAID HERE IS DESTINY 2!

  2. Hey guys what is suppose to be fast, run like a ninja and kick ass?…the arc strider oh wait that's a lie, Hunter is garbage! FIX THE FREAKING HUNTER GUYS GOSH YOU IDIOTS!

  3. Xbox players, if you have any sense of dignity….do not purchase destiny 2. PlayStation has exclusives that other platforms will not receive until 1 year later, and on top of that…destiny 2 is locked at 30fps on Xbox one x due to Sony's exclusivity deal.

  4. GUYS, you realise the Xbox one x comes out AFTER Destiny 2 right? They've literally said that they want to focus on the platforms that they CAN release on rather than the ones that won't be around until a while after the release… Do research on the interviews before commenting "waahhh waahhh Sony deals wahh waahhh no xbox one x 60fps wahhh wahhh". Idiots…

  5. To all Xbox fans, don't keep blaming Sony and raging at ps4 owners, direct your disappointment were it belongs at Microsoft, ask them questions why not all games are going to run 4k60fps on XOX, make them accountable for there own short comings. be grownups instead of crying all over the internet. 😭

  6. Keighley what a softcock interview. Where's your balls mate? No room for them with all that cash falling out your pockets…

  7. we will def see when the pc requirements are released, they should hit 60fps before they even start to worry about 4k textures imho…

  8. Absolute bullshit from Bungie. Interviewer should have pushed for why it's still 30fps on the X. Bungie always get such an easy ride in interviews…

  9. Ya it's bullshit they said ps4 can't handle 60 fps at 4K but now Xbox console can but there not going let Xbox users get that quality because all they care about is money they don't care about there whole community which are other players then ps users

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