Destiny 2 – Discussing Aim Assist On The PC


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  1. They spend 300$ on their multi button's short cut's keyboard & mouse and they cry about the tiny help controller's players get.

    Aim assist has been always in pc games, why crying now?

    It is simple, if you get SPANKED by a CONTROLLER PLAYER while you play with K&M That means you SUCK

  2. If your playing with a controller play on console. Stay there all its doing is ruining it for pc players. No other competitive game examples (pubg, overwatch, etc) dont have aim assist so if you really care about sitting on a couch or not using a mouse and keyboard play in ps4 or xbone.

  3. No Aim Assist with Gamepad has a chance against M+K.
    Edit: People who play with Gamepad on PC should get shot.

  4. I have personally no problem playing Titanfall 2 with a controller and there is no aim assist at all. So I wouldn't mind if they completely remove it from the game, especially as the hit boxes in D2 seem to be huge; like each target is an elephant or a whale.

  5. Not even out yet and PC peeps have already found a way to cheat!
    This is why I'll be playing on console despite the PC"s obvious advantages.

    And this is before the full on hacking and cheat engine tards get going!

  6. KB/M players are not complaining people with joysticks with AA. WE are arguing with people using hardware such as XiM4 to tricking the game that they're playing with joysticks but are actually playing with KB/M + Aim assist. That is basically cheating.

  7. Aim assist does not belong on PC. If controller players want to play on PC then they need to adapt to no aim assist or stay on consoles.

    You also make it sound like the aim assist on D2 is light when there a plenty of videos out there proving that it's almost snap on aim. Either way, neither belong on PC.

  8. Mouse and keyboard on a console with a XIM4 paired with someone that is a M+K veteran is utter destruction. I used to easily pull 75 kill games in CoD:AW and CoD:BO3.. it's straight stupid. Trust me, I've tried it out.

  9. I agree that aim assist should be there in PVE. But why not just turn Aim Assist off in Crucible? It's the PC version and you can use ANY peripheral you want. But no matter what, balance is key. And removing Aim Assist is not only an easy fix, but the players that are actually good with either keyboard and mouse or controller will shine bright. And instead of getting salty and complaining about lack of Aim Assist, the players who aren't as good should figure out what they are doing wrong and correct it. It will only make their skills better.

  10. i am tired of this shit, suddenly using a controller with aim assist its better than MyK, why?, because we wrecked you?. Lets take a break

    pc gamers allways told us that if they used a myk in console, they would destroy us, but it was not the case, so you say otherwise

    The truth, we, the people that played destiny 2 on pc with controller, have been playing destiny for the past 3 years, suddenly we play destiny 2, on pc, at 60 fps, with out game pads, and all that f.iucking handycap of being playing at 30 fps, just improves the way we play, because magically our controllers start to feel more responsive, meanwhile, pc gmaers have never played destiny before, so, they don´t know how to fucking play the game.

    destiny 2 its more like halo than other things,personal performance its just not as important as good teamwork,and its a very slow paced game in many regards. so, your aim is not as important as your position, we know how to play the map, how a bungie game plays, its completely normal that you get wreckd, when you are trying to be the next rambo while i am playing the game how its supposed to be played, pc gamers are so butt hurt by the fact that for the past 4 days on the beta, we proved them wrong, in out type of games, but its not a problem at all, because, destiny its not a 360 no scope game, a controller can defend itself pretty well from a myk if you know how to play, the real game will be when the game its out for a few month, and pc gamers start to understand how the game plays, we are going to have a more balanced game and some pretty fun matches,

    if y would put a controller with the same aim assist on counter strike, i would get wrecked, because i never played counter strike go with a controller, but if you put 1200 hours and know how to play, you would know how to defend yourself, its your experience, people, nopthing more.

    And, people, please, lets be real, a controller, with aim assist, its so much more difficult to use than a myk, if i dont know how to use a myk and use it for the first time, i would get a good amount of headshots, because its just feels natural. on the other hand, if you´ve never played with a controller before, you are not going to make a kill even with the most violent aim assist in the world, so, give us a break, and some recognition.

    PD: GIT GUD.

  11. To be honest there is one thing that you left out Briar, controllers have to deal with Flinch, keyboard and mouse have NO flinch, if you remove flinch and then take out aim assist I can use a controller and still keep up. PC master race always going on how KB+M is the best and stomps on controller anytime but now says it isn't fair now that is double standard.

    If you are good with keyboard and you face a good controller player you will still have the slighter edge with the range of motion a mouse covers and the speed it covers it in, a controller player have no hope to turn as fast as a kb+m player….there is no way it happens.

    Destiny 2 is a team shooter, if at all that a controller beats on KB+M aim assist has a glaring weakness evident even in d1, when multiple enemies are in close proximity (which is what D2 is all about teamplay) Aim assist will more often than not screw you over as a pad player by dragging your reticle to whomever it feels like sticking to and kb+m will never have that issue

    Another issue with aim assist is that it drops your controller sensitivity once your reticle is close to an enemy so a KB+M will have a smidge faster time to line up his precision shots and with how huge destiny hitboxes are a KB+M will win.

    This is just a case of knee jerk reaction, let the game come out, let the meta set in and then Bungie can collect data on this and ewe will know if truely controller players have the advantage because it is data that they can acquire.

  12. Wow you people are missing the point. Its not about MnK losing to controller with aim assist, its about MnK people using an adapter so the game thinks their using a controller while using a MnK. So the MnK user gets aim assist. THAT'S THE ISSUE!

  13. The problem with AA is the fact that is enables actual cheaters very easily. Overwatch had to remove it because full on aimbots were using it to easily hide themselves using the built in systems. Cheaters are a thing no reason to ignore that they exist, and there isn't any reason to give them things to easily hide behind.

    They can't disable spoofing because its all things that happen BEFORE it even gets to the game. So while yes it would be amazing if they could, it really can't.

    And using hardware like Xim is much worse then spoofing. Xim reduces the axis you can look at, using spoofing you don't get any of the downsides of using a controller. Spoofing isn't really an option for console users wanting to use KBM, but PC users do have the option.

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