Destiny 2 DLC News – Curse of Osiris Trailer! New Exotics, Osiris Reveal, New Gameplay!


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Destiny 2 DLC News – Curse of Osiris Trailer! New Exotics, Osiris Reveal, New Gameplay!was extracted from


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  1. Destiny SUCKS, THAT GAME ITS DEAD! ALL MY FRIENDS AND I (about 40) stop playing THAT trashy GAME.

  2. Time travel I️ know this won’t happen but I️ want bladedancer pls Bungie pls I️ need it I️ will pay 10 dollars for a subclass pls pls pls

  3. The symbol on the girl in the 2nd dlc could also be ana brays since she has a cloak with the same symbol in destiny 1

  4. I think the 2nd expansion is going to be about the new enemies revealed at the end of the campaign. The guardians on the cover are standing in front of what appears to me to be the ships in said cutscene.

  5. Something I noticed from the Trailer video There are two Guardians who seem to be frozen in time along with some Vex. Also frozen shots as Osiris runs by. I think he is only or he knows how to stop time.

  6. My name is Byf, I don't know how pertinent this is but i notice on the "Diana's Vengeance" exotic ship I got yesterday that there is an Osiris eye on the tip of the ship and the description is interesting too.

  7. i cant wait for the dlc, i stopped playing destiny 2 a few weeks ago to play other things because all my time was focused on destiny 2 and no matter how long i played for my light level had not gone higher than 300 and it was really pissing me off so instead of hating and giving up on it i decided to give it a break until the dlc.

  8. Its like having DLC every week with your videos. Very well presented and very easy to get lost in lore watching them. Many thanks for the time and effort you a put in adding value to the gaming community. You are a treasure that Bungie should show some serious appreciation for.

  9. So, I had a thought about "the new raid activity", this may be a bit of a stretch but… We've had teases about the infinite forest, and a shot of a 6 man fireteam… Mecury will feel like your new home… What if the infinite forest is a raid style activity which is recommended for a large fireteam… Just a thought as stated above, but it seems like a twist bungie would like.

  10. Am I the only one that thinks Osiris gun looked like mythoclast although sounded like a scout maybe a revamp?

  11. Can anybody shed a light on the amount you could save from buying the expansion pass? Or is that the only way to get the DLC?

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