Destiny 2: How And When To Pre Load Curse Of Osiris!


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  1. Ok so I play on ps4 and I don't have ps plus on the account that about the expansion from but I have ps plus on my second account will it download for Me?

  2. it didn't work! im on PS4 and it says "the installed application is the latest version" yet i don't have the update! can someone help?

  3. You should do a video on what we want and expect from ranked next year. Really want at least doubles and classic trials in the ranked playlists. Would like to see social playlists as well like rumble, clash and 6v6 eventually

  4. It's called the "Curse" of Osiris because once you see how small it is and how you are still getting tokens and RNG curse you will.
    Don't believe the hype!

  5. Not immediately buying this dlc, the lackluster state of this game does not warrant me putting more money into it at this time. Yes I know about all the promises Bungie has made, adding stuff later that should have been in the base game, is not impressing me much. I dont consider what they have promised changing the endgame or crucible much. A week after this dlc drops I fear it will be back to square one, but I will be paying attention to everybody elses opinions on the "expansion."

  6. What? So it comes out on the 5th, but we can’t even Preload til the 5th? That’s weird. I downloaded to my PS4 and it says playable which usually means it downloaded. I dunno. With the PS4 though, might as well say the launch is 12/6, cuz that’s when it will be done downloading.

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