Destiny 2 – How To Pre-Load PC Beta!


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  1. Hey Everyone! Time stamps in the description to each step! Also if you didn't catch it.. IF YOU BUY THE GAME THROUGH BATTLENET YOU DON'T NEED TO DO ANY OF THIS! 🙂 JUST SIMPLY OPEN THE APP AND CLICK INSTALL! You guys are amazing! Thanks for watching <3

  2. I didn't pre-order for PC, but want to do the open beta. Ends tomorrow and nothing on how to join.

  3. it's 12pm (lunch time) and Still no open beta option in the battle app, im thinking in buying this 🙁

  4. is august 29 7am im still waiting for the open beta , it supose that i should be able to download the game by now but it keeps saying buy the game

  5. Ok but is there a way to download the game for those who didn't pre ordered the game or do we have to wait until 29

  6. (Says i have it on my battle net account in account webpage but does not show up in app)

    Edit: so turns out if ur preload is not showing up update ur blizzard app to 1.8.6 if ur still on 1.8.3 the way i did it is that u would need to reinstall the app

  7. Its bugged for me tho. I redeemed this shit 3 months ago and now it says i redeemed the code on another account. Like da heck. Its making me so damn mad.

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