1. In response to the first part of your video (Them reusing a map/area from Destiny 1)

    As an exclusive PC gamer, and therefore not having played Destiny 1 at all, I have absolutely no problem with them reusing or rehashing content from the original game.

    I missed out entirely for anything Destiny 1 had to offer, and therefore everything in this game is new to me.
    I understand this certainly wouldn't be the case for console players of the original, but is it really so bad?

    Content is content yeah? Just because there is a map we've seen before in no way prevents them from adding new/more maps later.

  2. Holy Fuck.

    First 4 minutes are TOTALLY unrelated to the topic of the video.

    Get your shit straight dude – stick to the topic at hand.

  3. Yea but I'm sure that there will be some type of exotic armor that will cause the shoulder charge to do more damage which I hope there is

  4. I don't understand why everyone is bitching about the iron temple becoming a crucible map who cares im actually happy that they brought something back from Destiny 1 and really if you think about D2 probably takes place a couple years after we beat Akis and the city is at peace once again until a few years go by and the Red Legion show up and destroy the tower and take the traveler hostage.so really Destiny 2 is a continuation of Destiny 1 it just takes place a few years after D1

  5. Hmmm Anthem is looking better and better! Destiny debts have a bad record of reskinning enemies, now they're reusing maps.. Sticky grenades should be one shots if your stuck with one, nobody complained about it in the Halo series!? We actually all loved that shit, what's the point in a sticky grenade if it's not a guaranteed kill?

  6. How many times has call of duty sold us the same maps? Least this wasn't an actual multiplayer map + we didn't see much of it in rise of iron

  7. Reusing maps is not a new thing. I remember Unreal Tournament there was a map with 2 towers that was reused several times throughout the series because it was one of the most liked maps. This not a bad thing. Even CoD reuses maps because of fan service. This map was not used in D1 for PvP so complaining about it being reused is dumb complaint.

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