Destiny 2 – Major Death? NEW LEAK, File Size, D2 Controller, MORE!


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  1. I'm going to pre-order the controller and deck it out with Kontrol Freek thumb sticks and a Destiny logo light decal on the back. My current controller already says 'Destiny' on the light bar.

    Bit of a stretch to say someone will die. I think there will just be a lot of violence inflicted on Guardians, though not gory. I don't mind the T rating. It will feel strange if Destiny 2 took on a mature mature theme, though maybe that's something for the future games. Having it PG-13 doesn't ruin it for me, and also my nephew will be in his teens soon and when his mother allows him to play FPS games he can play this with me.

  2. You have your information wrong. On pre-order pages it says Destiny 2 is 68Gb. This has been common knowledge for a month or so now. The main reason this is known is because it is BIGGER than Destiny 1 with all expansions. A lot of other YouTubers already caught this and uploaded it

  3. the file size is actually quite large when compared to the vanilla version of destiny 1. it was only 17GB so D2 is 12GB bigger than when D1 was first release so that's a good thing

  4. Spoiler cayde is not gonna die because he was confirmed to give players treasure maps for patrol so he will be there for end game and therefore the worst thing to happen is his leg getting blown off. Which we saw in a cutscene snipit.

  5. I'm just going to guess that Cayde gets shot since he looses a leg, Shaxx gets strangled? Because the mega blocks set depicts him attacking the red legion, maybe because the cabal are trying to attack the citizens so he starts to push back the cabal and looses his light during the fight? Idk just taking shits in the dark

  6. Hate that the game is gonna be Rated T :/ little kids are too stupid for raids. Like legit, the stupidiest kids go into the raid expecting it to be easy and won't listen to their teammates…. if it was Rated M, we'd at least take a few of them out.

  7. Huge red flag that the game is only 29gb…what was the problem with D1? It was a quarter of a game….and what do you, the game's file size is literally LESS THAN HALF of other AAA games like GTA5, CoD IW, Battlefield, etc etc. RED. FLAG.

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