Destiny 2 | NEW DLC GEAR TEASER! – Osiris DLC Exotics, Raid Armor, Pre Load Details & Reset Changes!


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  1. I think the gear LOOKS amazing! Lets hope its fun to use 😛 Next week will be an interesting experience. Let me know if you're hyped =D

  2. This confirms it… Titans are Dickheads 😉 What an ugly fkn helmet, lol… I really hope this is a good DLC… I want it to be

  3. I'm positive the White gear shown at 3:00 isn't the raid set because the hunter on the right is wearing the new monarchy armour set with the season 2 ornaments. Not sure about the Titan and warlock but they wouldn't show just 1 or 2 sets of raid armour for a reveal.

  4. 'Prepare to Inspect the new arsenal'

    I've never seen a more boring statement in a trailer before.
    We're not coming back. Really can't be bothered with another disappointment.

  5. I don't like that they focus on the emotes in the trailers when they should be focusing on a lot of gameplay mechanics and the fact that the game is dying

  6. meanwhile, while the rest of the fandom is filled with vitriol, Houndish makes something positive
    THANK YOU! You know, all the hate going around has me sad. In real life, I'm one of those super socially awkward people; my social life occurs mainly on this game, with my clan, and my buddies on Fanfiction. So when people call me a nerd, or a 'bungie's pet', I say 'Damn right!' Not ashamed at all; it's one of the few places I can enjoy myself without dealing with all the political bullcrud floating around(and i live in Oregon; we got a LOT of bullcrud down here, just look at this year's freshmen, it's like they're on crack or something). So, keep making videos! But that TITAN BANANA HELMET…

  7. Hey look, they brought the villain from conan the destroyer with the dildo on his forhead and made him into titan armor.

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