Destiny 2. NEW UPDATE!, Mida Sort Of Addressed, Server Down Time, Sandbox Tuning and More!


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  1. I went fwc for titan because I liked how they came at me to join compared to the other ones first then new monarchy for my hunter

  2. they told us they would be able to fix problem weapons in d2 but once again there like no keep playing with one gun to win im bored of crucible already u can use other guns but whats the point when people have a gun tht keeps radar has low recoil an makes the enemy flinch more than any other gun

  3. So Midas gonna get nerfed because the crucibabies complained but no ones gonna mention Uriels or Omolon Sidearms huh. This community is a living breathing oxymoron. I assure you the first balance patch will ruin the game immediately. There are many weapons that out gun Mida, so shut up and adapt, try something new instead of complaining about a weapon that is the physical manifestation of "jack of all trades, master of none" and focusing on things that are clearly performing better than intended. Cough Uriels cough cough

    Honestly an ENERGY AR that out performs scouts at scout intended range. That is not balanced.

  4. I dont use mida and dont think nerfs are needed…were the easluna and palimdrome in need of a nerf in destiny 1? Offcourse not because that was most people favourite kind of imbalance and thats it, we had god roles so bitches had one less reason for bitching about nerfs…now just dont come with the bullshit in the comments that you are the ones with skill and everybody else is a noob with the mida, so its the weapons fault because it doesnt let you pros show your skill so it needs to be nerfs, in my experience of the game this is an egocentric view…i use the end scout rifle and offcourse it doesnt win all trades against midas, nor does it lose, people can get used to the stagger of the midas, it doesnt need useless nerfs

  5. Don't nerf the mida its only decent at long range. The end scout rifle from trials is sooooo crispy I ice mida fools all the time. Get good scrubs.

  6. I don't really think it's op, just way way over used. If they just made the recoil a bit more horizontal I think it would be fine. The problem is a lack of variety of good counters.

  7. I have 3 characters & I play all 3 of those factions so I win regardless of my choice. 😁😁😁

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