Destiny 2 News – Cold Heart Exotic Pre-order! DLC Release Dates? New Cutscene Leak!


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  1. don't you have to complete the game and be lvl 20 to get the cold heart. i would say that would be earning it.

  2. I am looking forward to having a good weapon at launch. I am (will be) brand new to the Destiny world and any boost will be a boon. While I can understand that these types of items usually need questing and work to achieve, I also understand the companies desire to create some hype and perhaps garner a bit more
    pre-launch sales. Now if I could just cryo-sleep for the next 6 weeks until the PC launch (as to avoid dehydration due to to all the salty tears of not owning a console).

  3. You can always just run the mission on a second character. So you still get to play it . For me I’m happy to run a mission to get the gun it makes it a bit more special.

  4. Damn, I was hoping that this was the raid weapon. It's got a Cabal type of feel to it. Kinda of a bummer. I really wanted a good mission for it.

  5. I hope there's a quest to get the gun otherwise it will suck to have that gun just because…

  6. I'm going to pre-order Destiny 2 for sure, but I really don't think that a pre-order bonus should be a free Exotic. There will be no feeling of earning such an amazing weapon or any sense of achievement.

  7. Does anyone have any information about DLC delays for PC? Will the release be the only thing that PC gets late, or will the PC master race get the DLC late as well? If datamining is the problem they are avoiding, they could release it just a little later instead of over a month.

  8. Well. If I didn't pre-order D2 already the Cold Heart would have been a pretty sweet unintentional Birthday present for me.

  9. I'm thinking that they will probably make you earn it just like they did gjhallahorn. Yes you will get it but you won't be able to use it until you complete the quest for it i.e. beauty and destruction quest

  10. I don't think Destiny 2 will be as good. PvP will suck because they won't dedicated servers. So it will be full of lag switches and dos attacks. The regular game play will turn into a less of a grind since each weapon will always have the same roll.

  11. I wish they would put The Big Show in game as a giant sized guardian!!! Don't make him a Titan though… He hates that shit!

  12. Oh yeah, I'm down for waiting. It's obtainable without pre-order? I'm all about that👍 And yes, I'm in the same boat as far as you when you talk about feeling quasi-hopeful that D2 will improve upon their storytelling. I'm trying to get friends on board with this new game, but from how the first game was and other internet influence dictating their overall feelings about it, it's becoming harder to sway them.

  13. It will give us access to a quest probably but if they to give us the weapon then it's only a xur/Ingram exotic

  14. I don't like how they already have 2 dlc announced while we are still waiting for the actual game. I have my hopes up but I won't be pre-ordering this game.

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