Destiny 2 News: PC BETA DATE, PC Requirements, Next Iron Banner, & More!


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  1. I'm new to PC gaming. Can an R3 1200, 8GB of ram, and GTX 1060 3GB, run this at 1080p, 60fps, and on high/very high settings?

  2. I'm late to the party. Can I run this on medium to medium-high at 60 fps with GTX 970m 3gb, 16 gb of ram, i7-6700 4 core 2.6 ghz? That should be fine at those settings right?

  3. I have a 7700k paired with a Asus gtx 1060 strix 6gb. It meets their recommend requirements but how much Fps would I get? Hmmm. 60 ish? Caus I was hoping to get 120 and above

  4. can someone help me if my pc can run it destiny2 on good settings.
    Dell Inspiron 7548 series model
    Intel i7core 5th generation
    Bios: A06
    Processor:intel(R) core(TM) i7-5500U CPU @2.40GHz
    Memory: 8192 MB ram
    Windows 10 home 64 bit
    Intel(R) HD graphics 5500
    I use amd Radeon series

    Name:Amd radeon R7 M270
    Chip type: AMD Radeon graphics processor (0x6604)

  5. I have a laptop with Geforce GTX 970M 3G, intel core i7-6700HQ 2.60GHz and 12GB of RAM. Am I able to run it while streaming?

  6. Can someone help me? I preordered it a week ago and did not get a beta code, will i get it when its available or did i miss anything?

  7. i play overwatch at high settings with 150fps. so i think im fine. so excited. i played destiny one but my affection for steam and blizzard made me work my as off so i could build this thing. i got rid of the xbox and the only thing i missed was the destiny raids so this is just amazing for me

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