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  1. i feel like the osiris dlc will feature the return of eris morn, i feel like the story will be two arcs. finding toland the shattered with eris' help and after you find his essence as he is technically dead, and after that we will use tolands help to find osiris and the vex 'lord' on…possibly a technological moon like world full of vex that can spring from the walls and floor.

    that was a summary but i want to describe what i would like the expansion to be like.
    you arrive on mercury or what remains of murcury if it gets blown in two during the campaign. we roam around mercury going through some locations killing vex, and we arrive at a familiar location "the burning shrine" it has awoken and exo's in it walking around and a few vendors are there.

    we walk through it, here is a hole in one of the walls leading us too the lighthouse. in which a cutscene plays where we reunite with eris who will have a new look, no eye mask or cloak/hood. she will talk to us about osiris being taken and how we need to return him to mercury to sate the vex and to get them to help rebuild the planet.

    after this cutscene the mission will end and you will be loaded into the new social space which is basicaly the burning shrine and the lighthouse mixed except you can go to all the locked off area's of he lighthouse and the burning shrine is bigger.

    your current objective is to talk to saint-14 who will be beside a fireing range (he will be the expansion's arms dealer and main quest giver, like shiro-4) you will talk to saint 14 and if you are a year 1 player, a special cutscene will occur in which you give him his helmet back. after which he will say that he heard of our deeds and all that we have done, there will be a comedic moment of the ghost basically fangirling over saint-14 being impressed.

    then you can leave the social space and go to the moon again for some missions for the toland arc. after which you can put tolands essence into a exo body, he will remain at the mercury hub, and be the second arc's quest giver. (he will also be the new vendor for a new gamemode in pvp for a capture and defend like competitive game mode)

    toland will semd you to the new 'world' you will have another sightseeing mission sortov like the first dreadnaught or plaugelands mission. after which the main missions will continue of which there will be another 6.

    the final mission will be entering a giant fortress and once you get to the final boss you have 7 minutes to defeat it and escape with osiris. you get a cutscene in which, osiris arives at the mercury hub, gives a speech to the vex and they start to calm down and begin rebuilding the planet.

    the raid: it would have 5 encounters two of which are bosses, one is a mini boss, and the other two are puzzles. the first encounter is a time puzzle in which you need to figure out a sequence and time limit to open a vex gate.
    second encounter is the first boss "the erased mind" a vex gladiator that is dissfunctional and eratic, it has atributes of other enemys except vex upgraded.

    it has a phalanx sheild, a hobgoblin linear rifle that is fully automatic. and once it gets to half health it will glitch out and teleport about with two cabal gladiator blades that can be thrown at you. to stop the teleportation you must trick it into hitting a wall pannel with a elemental colour, after which you must use that element to take down its sheild.

    after you have dne this god knows how many times you will defeat it, move on to the next encounter whixh is another puzzle. after that puzzle that involves kills and deaths. you will fight the mini-boss which is basically a hobgoblin and two harpy's that will combine and shoot you. (great description i know…) you beat it by killing the harpy's amd shooting out its legs then head.

    final boss the vex lord. "the great creator" this boss will be like golgarath, oryx, atheon and the templat combined. that is all i can say.

    that is how i think the expansion would be on my opinion, i have had this idea since TTK amd never got a chance to say it until now. i hope whoever reads this enjoys. feel free to critise amd make your own points.

  2. activisions claim is bs theyre in it just for the money everything done is just done by bungie 🙂 fk activision

  3. maybe we gonna see on the rasputin dlc that the warmind got a body by a siva prototype body and save him from to be corrupted by siva and osiris dlc we gonna met finally osiris and kill some vex that try to corrosion the guardians

  4. there was a leak a few days ago that the war mind for the second expansion isn't rasputin but charlemange the Martian warmind

  5. what if destiny two is different form the first one in that the main story continues to the expansions? What if the expansions are about getting help from Osiris and Rasputin? Rasputin was never really our ally, there was just a shaky truce. what if in the expansion we have to gain their help to regain the city? otherwise, Bungie and activision would have to com up with reasons why after we take back the city, nobody moves back to its safety. Yes the farm is safe because people were living there before, but now the whole cites population is displaced. so, i think it would make sense to have the main conflict continue through the expansions. If the cabal beat us on our home turf at full power, how can we hope to fight them in our weakened state without help from powerful allies?

  6. COULD THE WARMIND EXPANSION HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH SLEEPER?! On the heavy weapon named Sleeper simulant it referenced "Midnight Exigent" and says it's still in progress. Could these be related?

  7. Looking for Crota hard mode team must have G horn must be max light must have icebreaker if u die u get kicked must be invincible

  8. It bothers me that the game itself hasn't even been released yet, but we're already starting to hype for its expansions. If its anything like destiny 1, we should all be worried.

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