Destiny 2 PC Aim Assist? | Beta Impressions


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  1. i would like to be rewarded for being good and not bad in PVP, so if they start fucking the hitboxes on pc i will only play PVE.

  2. Aim assist was was one of the reasons why I disliked and hardly even touched the PvP in the PC beta. It just felt wrong and uncomfortable for me, especially when I was on the receiving end. =/

    I play quite a vast variety of different online shooters and I can say that the aim assist simply doesn't suit for PC games. It only brings up the balance issues, as there are people who don't like the feature and feel uncomfortable with it but are forced to use it because it brings advantages.

    The aim assist does make the game easier to be played with controllers, but why would you even use controllers on PC games when you have access to much more accurate MKB controls?

    If Bungie wants the Destiny 2 (PC) to be competitive game, they need to disable that aim assist (for PC version).

  3. Character model hitboxes have always been large. The helm with giant horns would be disadvantaged (Bungie logic) so they make them all big.
    It's a really cheap way to get kills around corners at times, but I'll abuse it.

  4. It's also worth mentioning there will be no dedicated servers in D2. A hybrid peer to peer system. I wonder if that has to do with the phantom shots as well in crucible?

  5. Destiny 2 is actually built from the ground up independently from the consoles, it's not a PC port that is why it's so good.

  6. Bungie knows that Destiny 2 is going to fail,there just cashing in on the Ip as quick as possible before they kill it off.

  7. im tired of PC ports. sadly the gaming community is more towards consoles. be like gta5 that made a PC version and not a port, wish more companies would do that , i mean its 2017 already we have the technology!

  8. if you want to see the rival of Destiny, look at Warframe, it launched in 2013 and has way more replay factor, customisable characters, hundreds of unique weapons and a upgrading system that makes most triple A developer games, the game can run 4K easy and later this year (targeting this month) they are starting to put open world into the game. If you want to see a updated review of the game, go to Skill Up channel, it does the game well

  9. I didn't feel like I was hitting someone when I actually missed it. When I tried hand canon I totally sucked. So I guess it is ok 😀

  10. @levelcap bungie has already stated that pc aa will be toned down dramatically upon launch. They certainly agree with you

  11. I find it funny that the people that say destiny 2 is a re-skin are probably the same people that buy the next call of duty every year.

  12. So this sticky aim is why i can easily outgun 2 ppl on BF1/CoD/PUBG but on destiny i Always lose in 2v1 situations.. because the game is helping ppl with their shit aim…

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