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  1. It's so laughable hearing people hate on this game, aim assist lol behave i top the leaderboard in 90% of my PvP games and I use keyboard and mouse stop giving out because your shit. Tactics and team work win PvP not aim assist in fact it gives the controller knobs a false sense of security which only leads to you destroying them harder. Games great it's not meant to be csgo it's meant to be destiny lol go back to COD you sour fools.

  2. kbm aim assist is only on when in pve. Its turned off when in pvp but like you said there are programs to trick that.

  3. Wait so if I default use keyboard and mouse, is aim assist already a thing for me or is that only if I download some program. I'd rather feel good about my kills and not default cheat if I have to.

  4. There is aim assist in Destiny 2 on PC, thats right, but the aim assist is different for each weapontype and especially for exotics. You know damn well why you only showcased the Mida multitool and a Handcannon. Try the same with a regular Scoutrifle, SMG or Autorifle and see the difference.

  5. This game is cancer. Some people are calling it MMO Lite. It's not even lite. It's just a casual co-op game. Nothing MMO about it. The most you can ever see in a zone is 30ish people and that's the Farm/Tower. MMOs have hundreds of players in a zone at one time interacting with each other.

    In a game that's only content is shooting at bosses using "skill" to kill them… but has aim assist. I can't even…

    Star Wars Battlefront 2 has more players on a map than Destiny 2. Is that an MMO as well? It has star cards and weapons to equip. So it has gear. It's literally more of an MMO than Destiny 2.

    Destiny 2 can't even do more than 10 players in a public event. Most I've ever seen is 8. This console trash should have never made it to PC.

  6. source where they lied and said it would be competitive? You're lying about them lying. The vast majority of the gaming community is made up of casuals, especially on consoles. That's not an insult. Designing your game for its biggest audience makes sense. If you're looking for something hardcore competitive there are plenty of other options.

  7. They can't remove it. With no dedicated servers and constantly being put in matches where your ping is dog shit, you wouldn't be able to hit anything. AA and bullet magnetism are the least of the problems with D2 pvp.

  8. CLEARLY they were talking about controller mechanics, what you are seeing could EASILY be explained by shitty hitboxes!
    If your mouse speed slowed down as you tracked over an enemy, you would fucking notice, it would be the worst shit EVER!
    But i agree that controller or not, it should NOT be in a PC game!

  9. IIRC, the PC version doesnt have (or has greatly reduced) bloom on hand cannons, I may have to test this out at the ranges you're displaying here, on console, it may not be nearly as sticky.

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