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  1. They spend 300$ on their multi button's short cut's keyboard & mouse and they cry for the tiny help controller's players get.

    Aim assist has been always in pc games, why crying now?

    It is simple, if you get SPANKED by a CONTROLLER PLAYER while you play with K&M That means you SUCK.

  2. Well actually none of the issue were really dealt with on console so people have a right to be concerned. Don't be so salty guys it really really doesn't suit yous.

  3. Game it's just so bad I don't know what it is yet but I don't like it like the first game I have some major reasons as to why it's a shity game but I can't come up with any reasons as to why I feel bored every time I play this one over the first one and the aim assist is trash

  4. BETAs are for finding bugs and unintended mechanics. The aim assist being available while still using KB&M is a big issue if Destiny 2 is going to be competitive.

    Why are you getting so upset about people finding bugs during BETAs? Why are you getting upset with people for discussing said bugs 1 week before launch?

    Seems like you're getting upset at the wrong people Mica. =/ Chill.

  5. I doubt I'm going to be on an e-sports team so I use whatever is more comfortable for my hands lol. Besides half the pc players I've met use controllers anyways

  6. OMG, these two fools do not know what they are talking about. In todays gaming a beta is nothing more than a stress test. Nothing will change. If you want to change things based on a beta you need to release it at least 6 months before the game release. How come these fools do not know that? I understand that the girl has no clue, but even the troll is saying foolish things. The Know has a gone downhill. Time to downvote again.

  7. Aim assist is needed on controllers. I dare any console player to play a game without it. Its almost impossible. PC gamers need to be more understanding. Not everyone wants to play with a mouse and keyboard…especially those who have their PC's hooked up to TV's.

  8. Remove the assist. Console scrubs constantly claim they are superior. Yet they cannot compete vs pc. You cant say that consoles are better and then whine about the advantage of kb n mouse vs controller. The peripherals are part of what makes pcs better.

  9. Quick point of disagreement. I am a QA tester (Software yes games no) and this type of Beta is NOT for finding and fixing bugs. These public Beta runs are basically what demos used to be. Its a marketing tool for selling the game. If you and are month from release you need to have already found the bugs. Depending on their sprint lengths (assuming they use that method) this close to launch might actually be too short to even put in a fix.

  10. Aim Assist is not common place for PC shooters, esp ones with PvP involved. It can be easily exploited and hard to track abusers.

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