Destiny 2 PC: Auto Aim is trash and so are supporters.


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  1. It's why 10 year olds could quickscope so easily on console COD games! It's ACTIVISON Bungie is under them they are I. control 100% trust me just follow the money.

  2. They spend 300$ on their multi button's short cut's keyboard & mouse and they cry for the tiny help controller's players get.

    Aim assist has been always in pc games, why crying now?

    It is simple, if you get SPANKED by a CONTROLLER PLAYER while you play with K&M That means you SUCK, you just SUUUUUUUUUUUCK

    Simple is that, if you are a GOOD K&M player then no worries.

  3. 1. Aim assist is far from enough to compensate for freedom and speed of movement that MKB allow for.
    2. FPS games are unplayable on controller without aim-assist.
    3. Saying that XIM + aim-assist is broken – well duh, it's cheating, obviously it provides an advantage. How about doing something to prevent that cheating, instead of just making the game unplayable on controller? Do you cut off your whole fingers when you need your nails clipped?
    4. Destiny is primarily a PvE game, and if it wants to go the esports route – the first thing should be dedicated servers, NOT aim-assist discussions.
    5. For the reason above, I feel a nice middle-ground would be disabling aim-assist in PvP. The people who are super into that mode will not be playing on controllers anyway – it's too much of a disadvantage.
    6. If you remove aim-assist from PC altogether – you'll lose players. Not a huge amount obviously, but enough to notice. Let people play as is comfortable for them.

  4. 5 subscribers. Shouldn't expect much more given the stance you take here. If you really think MKB with ZERO recoil is somehow disadvantaged versus a controller with aim assist, you are simply just bad at PC gaming.

  5. wow pc guys are already in the beta using exploits thank god im not getting this on pc the community is awful already

  6. Change auto aim for aim assist in the tittle so if bungie see it they know what you are talking about auto aim is hack completely aiming for you

  7. I cancelled my preorder due to this. Really sad about this, I was really looking forward to this game.

    Aim assist on PC, whoever thought this is a good idea should get fired.

  8. I want the ability for console users to turn off aim assist. It is more of a hindrance than helpful.

  9. Back on PS3, Dust 514 had Native KBM support without Aim assist, we played KMB against maybe 90% of the players who played controller + Aim assist, back then KBM was considered too OP and a lot better then a controller + aim assist, so KBM got nerfed.

    I dont understand how 5 years later KBM players devolved into Controller + Aim Assist on PC = OP, please remove it, we are supposed to have superior fine control over our movements.

  10. So what? Just a big middle finger to those that like to use a controller? Go into D1 with a bunch of friends on the same team, have them hop and run around as you try to shoot them. Tell me how that aim assist needs to be removed after that.
    The issue isn't AA at all. It's XIM and douchbags that have use it. If you don't like AA, use a keyboard, if you don't like that, use a controller. The players have an option.

    To all the players that are using XIM(Not to you Rage since I know you're just using it as a demonstration), I hope it feels good that you need a crutch to play.

  11. So you're basically using XMI4 adapter connected to your PC (A Xbox 360 controller, Mouse & Keyboard connected to the XMI4) the game thinks you're using the controller but in reality you're using the M/KB? The game gives you the Aim Assist feature that is only suppose to be associated with using a controller while using a M/KB? Is there a way to get Aim Assist on PC without having a controller and XMI4, like a spoofing program? XMI4 is expensive and I don't have a controller.

  12. the console boys out here tryna act like its okay because they cant hang with the mouse. bothers me a lot that they want to play on PC but don't want to use mouse and keyboard???

  13. Wow, the Aim Assist is quite aggressive. Even the fact that it pulls to the head and not always the body is mind boggling.

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