DESTINY 2 PC: Beta Impressions – The Aim Assist Controversy


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  1. The only reason pvp on console I better is bcos aim assist is a given to everyone by default, i prefer pc bcos I get the advantage since I have xim4 and others don’t.

  2. Good video with well-explained thoughts. However, I disagree with you so strongly on Aim Assist. Simply out, Aim Assist should not exist on any PC FPS. Earn your shots, earn your kills without the game doing your aiming for you. It's fine to have on consoles, but on PC? No way. As long as some form of it exists at all in the PC version of Destiny 2, people will abuse it, the playing field will not be level or fair, every shot and kill in PVP will be questioned, PVP will feel unsatisfying and irrelevant, and the PVP side of the game will flounder. Better to inconvenience a small group of controller users than put the rest of the players at a disadvantage.

  3. more games on pc need aim assist i use a game-pad and u cant play right with out aim assist i can understand nubs using the zim thing but then you are ruining it for everyone else if they remove it for legit players

  4. The problem is not aim assist itself being present. It's how it's done on the PC version, most PC players (me included) are not asking for it to be removed, but for it to be redone/tweaked because as of the beta, you just had to aim in the general direction of a player and it will aim directly at his head.

    It resulted in people using aim assist with a K+M with a gun such as Better Devils, which was in the end like a legal aimbot. Not so many players seemed to be using it in the end, i've played like 30 hours of the beta on the PC mostly doing PvP, and i was suspicious of like 4 guys, during that time spent, using said aim assist with a K+M or not.

    There is a ton of videos on youtube showing off how broken aim assist was on the PC beta, just look it up. I believe they'll leave aim assist in the game and simply tweak it to be more on par with most FPS on PC.

  5. The aim assistance can be exploited using software you don't need a xim4 to get aim assistance on mouse and keyboard. They should just remove it for PvP. Same thing happened in the Overwatch beta and the community pushed them to remove AA from the PC version.

  6. Destiny 2 has a little bit more than just assist, when you press left trigger on a controller that game pulls your crosshairs straight to the head of your target.

  7. As someone who is physically disabled using the mouse and keyboard is impossible for me. Having aim assist on the controller allows me to play the PC version and be somewhat effective.

  8. I played the console Beta and thought it was boring, lame, and not fun. It's just didn't have any fun factor and seemed like a watered-down version of D1. But when I played the PC version with my Xbox controller it was like night and day. They definitely tuned a LOT of things since the console beta, and even though I was going against mostly all PC players with keyboard and mouse I was consistently placing #1 or #2 in the end game rankings. The Aim Assist just felt perfect. It felt better than D1, but even with that said, the advantage PC players have over those people that choose to use the controller is primarily the hand cannons and sniper rifles. Since there's no recoil, the hand cannons are especially deadly in the hands of keyboard and mouse users. My team went up against a whole team of hunters, all armed with that Sunfire hand cannon and they friggin' WRECKED OUR SHIT.

    Scout Rifles have been totally nerfed and feel next to useless in PVP and PVE, and I really don't know how they would fix that without destroying the game balance on the PC version. I don't see the point of sidearms anymore either with the introduction of SMGs.

    But overall, I played for over 12 hours straight and had a great time and didn't feel like I either had an unfair advantage with Aim Assist, nor did I feel that the Keyboard and Mouse users had an unfair advantage over me. Remember, D2 is an action-shooter with LOTS of melee. In fact, I can see why they toned down melee damage slightly.

    I really want to buy D2 next week, but I don't think I can go back to XB1 graphics, nor spend the $500 bucks on an XB1X to only get 30FPS at 1080p. But it's not just that, the PC version actually felt and played better than the console version, using the same controller.

  9. I feel that destiny needs to find a new approach to the aim assist on PC. Perhaps have only a weakened form of aim assist for hipfire and no aim assist for ADS?

    I also think it's important to recognize how different the meta will be with a keyboard and mouse. Due to low recoil, guns like the SMG are able to EASILY outclass the revolvers because it's as simple as using the mouse to keep the the enemy in the center of your screen as you fire until the SMG finishes them off.

    The weapons on PC need to be balanced a bit differently because of HOW much of a difference mouse and keyboard makes IMO.

    Really quality video dude. I'm looking to get into destiny 2 due to the 100 fps and wider FOV on PC 🙂

  10. Aim assist on mouse and keyboard is worse than free-aim. You can't score good headshots if the aim assist keeps moving to your opponent's torso.

  11. Great video, nice job however I disagree with you on the XIM adapter, it doesn't take much to get it right and it's pretty comfortable once you set your mouse dpi and sensitivity.

  12. i wasnt really into the beta on console at all. I played a few hrs and didnt enjoy going back to controller. I loved the pc beta and now i'm not sure if I should get the console release too so I dont miss out on stuff as its released. ah idk.

  13. Only you can see your real name in the chat (and your real ID friends) , but for youtubers and streamers yeah it's pretty bad.

  14. Thanks for the vid BBK, nice to hear your thoughts.

    I'm a little torn on the aim assist controversy. At first it felt super BS to be losing most gunfights, but after the second day of beta I found myself well adjusted to the way aiming feels in D2, and I never really felt like I was losing a trade for any reason other than my own screw ups. From clips I've seen online about the current state of the aim assist, I think it could do with some fine-tuning ( example) — but I think I'm okay with the existence of it in both PvP and PvE when the full game releases. As you said, I think anyone that is adjusted to using M+KB is going to have the advantage over someone using a controller or even a XIM4 setup. It just needs a little adjusting, and I have faith that Bungie can do a decent job of it.

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