Destiny 2 – PC BETA LOOT FARMING (1080P 60FPS) !!


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  1. It's actually pretty nauseating watching the twitch movements in 1080 60fps. Sure it isn't if you are controlling it yourself, but watching it was for me.

  2. i see they still aint taken off that crappy red indicator lets you know there is another player nearby such a gay feature, should litrally be you see him when you see him and not have an idea of where he is due to an indicator. always hated that. makes it even worse in trials, its like a constant UAV which in my mind makes it crap. and for you that think i am wrong, then what ever happened to all you gamers that used to play cod when you never had that cause i know you would have played them games when they first came out.
    i just think they need to take it out of the game, or at least for trials to make it that much more competetive!

  3. Plus turn off all those mouse settings. Like smoothing. You don't need them on PC. Your mouse as better settings.

  4. So your PC can't do Highest setting @1080p 38fps. You need a new CPU! Or try a higher resolution at least. Your wasting your Titanx.

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